“ Anyone who enters our family business can observe the continuous sense of duty, spirit of self-sacrifice, passion and humility in everything we do “.

This is the philosophy that has always accompanied us, remaining unchanged through all these years.

Rossano Cannone

Over the following

The business began to grow and the gradual increase in size didn’t undermine the origins and morals of the Cannone family. Indeed, past traditions, product quality and profound passion for work have been maintained up to the present day.

Core values
of the artisan spirit

Are expressed in the meticulous attention to details and in preserving that “know how to work with hands”, which is essential in giving its characteristic artisan taste to every single product.

The importance
of family

Has a fundamental role in “Olimpia”. The family-run business is managed as if it were an extended family, where the common aim of producing well-made shoes is strongly shared by the owners and their solid team of expert artisans.

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